Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Cell Phones Eats Our Time?

How Cell Phones Eats Our Time?
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Synthetic Grass Treatment Tips

Few years ago, artificial turf or synthetic grass was used only in sport stadiums, especially covered stadium where it's not possible for some of the grass to get direct sunlight. As time passed, other advantages of artificial grass were revealed, and show that this thing is actually very practical to be used in regular garden or housing too.

Synthetic grass doesn't need irrigation, so it will cut the water bill for average homes, besides also considered as eco-friendly. It also doesn't need trimming, which will save time for people who too busy to do regular gardening, or saving cost from the necessity to hire a gardener. Homeowners and commercial establishments can save money and time on lawn maintenance.

It's true that artificial turf has limited life, especially when compared to natural grass. However, it will be much durable when installed by professional contractor like Synthetic Grass Phoenix. After installation has been completed, there are no more worries about mowing, weeding, fertilizing, trimming, or irrigation. Keep in mind though, synthetic grass is not entirely maintenance free. The lifespan of artificial grass also can last longer than 6-7 years if you do proper treatment.

You don't want your artificial turf to look like this!

Here are some useful tips on how to maintain synthetic grass:
  • Remove debris regularly, which includes leaves, animal waste, paper, branches, and other trashes. You can remove them with hand, or use tools like plastic rake, vacuum, and leaf blower. Do this more often if you have children, pets, or if you live in a very dusty area.
  • Use hose with sprinkler setting to rinse. Clean stains using mild detergent, if they can't be removed with water alone. Don't use strong chemical fluid.
  • Spray the grass with water during extreme hot weather to protect it from sun damage.
  • Use recommended herbicidal to prevent natural weed to grow in your artificial turf. Yes, it happens, especially during the rainy season. Avoid using toxic or strong products.
  • Brush the flattened grass to original position. Brush them in a number of different directions for a more natural look. Regular grooming prevents matting and keeps your lawn’s infill from compacting.
  • Contact a professional if your artificial grass lawn needs major repair, such as the flattened area is too wide to fix by hand brush. 

With proper care and maintenance on regular basis, you can extend the life of your synthetic turf and keep it looking clean, lush, and odor free for years to come.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Saving Tips

As the Earth is getting hotter every year, air conditioning (AC) becomes a prime need for many households. In US, more than 80% of new built single-family housing includes AC, while in Europe the number is only slightly lower.

As useful as it is, there are some disadvantages of using air conditioning.

First of all, AC consumes a lot of power. A window-unit air conditioning uses approximately 500-1440 watts, much more higher than your refrigerator (150-300 watts) or desktop computer (200-400 watts). While central-unit AC can consumes thrice the electricity. Needless to say, they are a heavy numbers, both for your wallet and for the Earth's sake.

Besides high power consumption, there is also health issues regarding the use of AC. Long exposure to air conditioning can cause dehydration and drying effect on skin. Airborne dust and fungi can also cause allergic reactions for some people. While poorly maintained AC cause the supply of unclean air, where pathogens can be recirculated and breathed in by everyone.

Now, proper and regular maintenance of AC can reduce both power consumption and health risks.

Without regular maintenance, electronic equipment like AC will lose its efficiency. It's best to change your air conditioner filter at least once a month, or clean it if you use permanent filter. Dust build-ups can significantly reduce air flow. The AC coolant level also decreases over time, which make it cost higher to operate. That's why the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recommends that coolant levels be checked every year.

For you who live in subtropical dessert climate, like in Phoenix, Arizona for example, AC maintenance will be more important as you'll turn on the equipment more often and  set the temperature even lower, which make the AC works harder. However, AC maintenance is not something that can be done by everyone as there are plenty of things to do, such as cleaning the filters, condensate drain and coils, testing the thermostat, checking the condenser and compressor, checking refrigerant levels,etc. Don't worry though, there are service companies like Phoenix AC repair that will do all those things for you.

Maintenance is only one way to obtain cost and energy efficiency when using air conditioning. There are other tips that will be useful to save your electricity budget (AC costs about 40%-50% of average US family's electric bill). These are some of them:
  • Raise the AC temperature. Most people will be comfortable in room temperature (25 °C / 77 °F). Each degree below 78°F will increase your energy use by 3-4%.
  • Use floor/ceiling fan. Fan only consumes about 15-100 watts. Use them in combo with your AC is cheaper than lower your AC temperature a few degrees. Proper installation of fans also can spread the cooled air through your home.
  • Turn the AC off when you're not using it. It's a myth that it takes less power to run the AC all day, rather than leaving it off and turning it on when you get home from work or travel.
  • Buy the right size AC. A unit that is too small compared to the room's size will not cool effectively, and an AC that is too large will consume much more energy than necessary.
  • Replace your old AC. Energy Star models use up to 40% less energy than models ten years old. So, it will be cheaper to buy a new AC than pay the electric and maintenance bill of your old ones.
  • Avoid placing appliances that give off heat such as lamps or TVs near a thermostat.
  • Keep bushes and other materials away from the outside unit of your air conditioner, as it some room for air flow. Protect it from direct sunlight will also increase its efficiency.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Benefits of Using Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass or artificial lawn is a great solution for patios, landscape areas, playgrounds and beautiful backyards. Synthetic grass is made to look just like natural grass and it offers so many benefits. Artificial grass is very low maintenance and with the proper care can last a very long time. The projected lifespan of a synthetic lawn or landscape area is hard to define, however, most turf is warranted not to stain, fade or fall apart for about 6 years.

There are many reasons people or businesses would need to go in the direction of synthetic lawns. It could have to do with the fact that their soil may not be healthy enough to have its own grass. Or maybe they simply live in a location where grass does not grow easily. If you have a vision of seeing a green, healthy looking property—look into synthetic lawns and landscapes.

You may be wondering about the upkeep and fading issues that come with artificial turf. Most companies like artificial grass Houston have materials that protect against the fading that comes from UV rays. Such companies will help to make sure that the property is looking as great as it did the first day it was installed.

Many individuals with children prefer artificial landscapes as they do not require pesticides or fertilizers. Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural grass and will greatly reduce your cost of maintenance. This is a prime reason so many businesses and homeowners are making the switch to synthetic grass.

Consider the benefits of having synthetic landscaping done. It is far more affordable than having to hire on landscapers throughout the seasons. It will always look fantastic and if it stops looking great, any decent provider will have a warranty to back up their products. This makes it easier and cheaper to replace if something happens down the road. The products always look perfectly manicured with a style that is your own. You simply need to tell the installers what your vision is and they will help to make that vision come to reality.

Monday, April 1, 2013

How Gadgets Will Help You Moving House

Almost every family will experience moving house at least once in their life. Many people who have undergone this process said that relocation is one of the most stressful events ever. Even when you've already hired a professional mover, there are still a lot of things that you have to do by yourself.

Now you probably wonder, what a tech blog got to do with moving to a new home? It's because there is one thing that you probably don't know, that your gadgets can help you a lot in the moving process.

Cell Phone

The most important gadget for relocation is probably your cell phone. There are numerous persons that you'll need to call, and to call you back. Handyman, realtor, lawyer, moving company, friends and family, are some of the persons that you'll constantly need to contact.

It's often that you will be hearing voice mail when you're calling your real estate agent, so when he does call you back, you obviously don't want to miss it. Always give them your cell number instead of home/office number, as you will want them to able to connect even when you're mobile.

Tablet Computer

The second gadget you must have is a tablet.A tablet can help you organize stuff more efficient. Always keep your to do list in your tablet, so you can update it anytime anywhere. Tablet also will be useful for make a budget estimation, and later for keep track all of your spending. You also should keep your business contact for relocation in your iPad or Kindle.

When connected to internet, you can also use the tablet PC to browse some professional movers in the destination area. For example, if you want to move around Phoenix, look the web for some of the recommended Phoenix movers, and keep their address and phone number, or contact them via e-mail straight from your gadget.

People say that it's better to use an actual notebook (the one with real paper, not laptop) for organizing purpose, as you can also attach business card holder and receipt envelope in it. But your notebook obviously can't entertain you with e-book or movie like your tablet, especially when all your books and video has been packed.


Moving is always involved labels. It's better if you use computer-generated labels for this, even if you're using your old dot matrix printer. Of course hand-made labels using pen or markers will also get the job done, but remember that you will probably need dozens, if not hundreds, labels.

That much? Well, you'll need plenty for each room in your house: kitchen, bedroom, kids' bedroom, living room, bathroom, storage, garage, etc. Not to mention that it will probably better if each box has labels in all sides. At the new house, you will thank yourself. No straining the back flipping the box to find the side with the label. No hoisting six different boxes to find the designation printed so neatly on the top of the box.

Other Gadgets

Besides the three mentioned gadgets above, there are some others that will come in handy. Coffee maker will keep you awake during the unpacking-packing period. While WiFi hot spot detector will be useful for you who can't live without internet. Remember that in your new house the internet connection can be very different from your current house. You need to find the perfect spot to set up your wireless connection all over again.

In the new place, you might want to unpack some of your old toys first, such as a helicopter remote-control, while you still get a lot of space to play it now, before all the unpacking process have been done.

Anyway, you might already get the idea by now. Gadgets will be needed when you want to moving house, either because they're really useful, or just to keep you entertaining, thus reducing the stressful process of relocation.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Update to Up and Coming Facebook Cover Maker App

Today a new app with growing popularity, Facebook Cover Maker by Athena IT Limited was given its first update since its launch just one month ago.

Summary of Facebook Cover Maker’s Abilities

The app Facebook Cover Maker is a utility that is designed to build a collage of a selected character based on the design attributes that you find most appealing, in summary; you select a character and dress it up by clicking on an assortment of wardrobe attire as well as facial expressions.

Update Features

Included in today’s update is an assortment of glasses, hairstyles, clothing, backgrounds, hats and much more. In truth, the initial launch was somewhat lacklustre in content with which you could customize with, and so the update to this Facebook Cover Maker app will help to broaden its appeal and appease existing users.

Favourite Aspects of Facebook Cover Maker

My personal favourite updates to this assorted update of this app with which to make your Facebook Cover are 3D glasses and a selection of new cowboy hats – but those are just my favourite clothing accessories with which I used to make my Facebook Cover. You may prefer to make your Facebook cover out of a more seasonal selection such as a Santa hat and winter scarf.


Despite the update to Facebook Cover Maker, the app remains broadly speaking limited to what you can add and do. However, the greatest advantage that Facebook Cover Maker has over alternative ways in which to create a Facebook Cover is that it’s exceptionally quick and easy to make up something unique that looks good. 

At the time of writing, Facebook Cover Maker probably has a few hundred combinations, however given that you are limited to just two characters the feel is that you are just a little bit more limited. With that said, given that this maker app is based on HTML 5 technology the application feels very robust, quick to use and doesn’t cause any “in-browser” issues that one would likely experience with Flash. 

This update, however, demonstrates that Athena IT Limited the developing company are determined to continue to improve Facebook Cover Maker in order to enhance its functional abilities stage by stage. I’d personally like the ability to add elements outside of those within the character selection as well as add text.

Facebook Cover Maker - Decision

Facebook Cover Maker is a nice easy to use program with which to make your own Facebook Cover even though its options are somewhat limited.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Start Your Own Sign Maker Business

For you who're looking for an idea to start your own business, have you ever considered to try sign maker business? This is a business of visual communication, which will suitable for you who have interest or experience in digital design and/or graphic editing and such.

Of course that you will need a lot of fund to start a sign maker business, which mostly will be spent on design software and printer/plotter. However, the market of this business is very vast. For example, just try to take a walk around nearest office or shopping complex around your house, and you can see a lot of them are still using a poor designed sign with bad material to represent their business! What if you can offer them much better sign with a very affordable price? Besides, much customers prefer custom signs that will highlight their business in ways that no other type of advertising can, which is exactly what you can provide for them.

Dye sublimation printer is essential for creating custom signs

If you have the interest but still hesitate, you can also start small, and make this as a hobby first. You can buy some sign supplies and then use them for cutting stickers for your family and friends, making decals for your car club, creating scrapbook accents or making small novelty items. Ask for their opinions, and if you feel good about it, try to do a small business from your garage or basement, before going pro.

Anyway, whether you want to start small or going big, you'll be needing sign supplies with best prices. There's online store that provides a wide range of sign supplies, including the tools, materials, software and equipment you need to run a competitive sign business. Just visit the link above, and check their low prices by yourself!