Saturday, December 22, 2012

Update to Up and Coming Facebook Cover Maker App

Today a new app with growing popularity, Facebook Cover Maker by Athena IT Limited was given its first update since its launch just one month ago.

Summary of Facebook Cover Maker’s Abilities

The app Facebook Cover Maker is a utility that is designed to build a collage of a selected character based on the design attributes that you find most appealing, in summary; you select a character and dress it up by clicking on an assortment of wardrobe attire as well as facial expressions.

Update Features

Included in today’s update is an assortment of glasses, hairstyles, clothing, backgrounds, hats and much more. In truth, the initial launch was somewhat lacklustre in content with which you could customize with, and so the update to this Facebook Cover Maker app will help to broaden its appeal and appease existing users.

Favourite Aspects of Facebook Cover Maker

My personal favourite updates to this assorted update of this app with which to make your Facebook Cover are 3D glasses and a selection of new cowboy hats – but those are just my favourite clothing accessories with which I used to make my Facebook Cover. You may prefer to make your Facebook cover out of a more seasonal selection such as a Santa hat and winter scarf.


Despite the update to Facebook Cover Maker, the app remains broadly speaking limited to what you can add and do. However, the greatest advantage that Facebook Cover Maker has over alternative ways in which to create a Facebook Cover is that it’s exceptionally quick and easy to make up something unique that looks good. 

At the time of writing, Facebook Cover Maker probably has a few hundred combinations, however given that you are limited to just two characters the feel is that you are just a little bit more limited. With that said, given that this maker app is based on HTML 5 technology the application feels very robust, quick to use and doesn’t cause any “in-browser” issues that one would likely experience with Flash. 

This update, however, demonstrates that Athena IT Limited the developing company are determined to continue to improve Facebook Cover Maker in order to enhance its functional abilities stage by stage. I’d personally like the ability to add elements outside of those within the character selection as well as add text.

Facebook Cover Maker - Decision

Facebook Cover Maker is a nice easy to use program with which to make your own Facebook Cover even though its options are somewhat limited.

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